TIME: 6-Year-Old Coach Throws a Perfectly Legitimate Tantrum About Being Rejected From the Game


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6-Year-Old Coach Throws a Perfectly Legitimate Tantrum About Being Rejected From the Game http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/time/topstories/~3/0C3luF7Th6c/ Jul 18th 2019, 15:22
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Drake lost it at a baseball game the other day. No, not that Drake, but a 6-year-old miniature coach who is this team’s secret weapon. Coach Drake is an integral part of the Kalamazoo Growlers in Kalamazoo, Mich., a summer baseball team for college athletes. Though he’s usually found coaching his players, the little guy threw a bit of a tantrum between innings during Tuesday’s game. Apparently, he was kicked out of the game, and a video shared on the Growlers’ Twitter page shows he couldn’t handle it.

6-year old Coach Drake LOSES it after ejection. pic.twitter.com/S9W0Xuj5fo — Kalamazoo Growlers (@kzoogrowlers) July 16, 2019

Coach Drake is already beloved by Growlers fans and Twitter users alike and is a common star of the team’s social media pages. He even got to partake in the now-controversial FaceApp age-yourself challenge, according to a post on the team’s Facebook page. The team shared another video of the “cutest mound visit ever” in a tweet on July 9 that showed Coach Drake giving players what we can imagine is the best pep talk ever.

The CUTEST mound visit ever. 🤣 Meet Coach Drake.#SCtop10 pic.twitter.com/hJoCnGCMsu — Kalamazoo Growlers (@kzoogrowlers) July 9, 2019

But it seems that Drake had a three-game suspension following that date, before returning to the field last week to keep up his hard work.

COACHING UPDATE: Coach Drake is back tonight after serving a 3-game suspension. pic.twitter.com/0jPrycEYXV — Kalamazoo Growlers (@kzoogrowlers) July 12, 2019

He certainly takes after his name twin, the artist Drake, whose sports fanaticism has stirred his fair share of drama on courts and fields.

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